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Jan 25, 2019

Martha's Vineyard News | Star of Bethlehem is Fleeting Floral Feast - The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News

Dove's dung is only one of star of Bethlehem's aliases - it is also called wonder flower, snow drop, Arabian star flower, or grass lily. But its scientific name is perhaps the most curious. Translation of Ornithogalum is bird milk, and may refer to its milk-colored flower. Or it may suggest that, like the rare bird that gives milk (there are a few), it is an incredible and wondrously rare thing. This winter bulb of the lily family resembles wild onion or garlic with its thin, grass-like leaves, but is easy to distinguish since it lacks the allium odor associated with the crushing of the former varieties. Two identification clues are easily seen, and include the presence of a white line on the mid-rib of the leaf, and a green stripe on the underside of each flower petal. Each plant boasts clusters of up to 30 flowers. Due to its ability to spread easily, these white blooms can appear to cover an area. Some even consider star of Bethlehem an unholy pest, as they aren't native to this country and can quickly consume an area through the spreading of their underground bulbs. As a perennial, star of Bethlehem can be counted on to resurrect itself every year, and it clearly takes to heart the Biblical admonition to be fruitful and multiply in late spring. However, these flowers will fade before summer gets started in earnest, making for a fleeting floral feast that, too, shall pass. Suzan Bellincampi is director of the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary in Edgartown, and author of Martha's Vineyard: A Field Guide to Island Nature.

Jan 25, 2019

Main Street Florist provides flowers for Illinois Senate inauguration - Macoupin County Enquirer Democrat

In terms of scale, LoBue said the inauguration is roughly comparable to a wedding. "That's the first time, obviously, that we've ever done that, but we are trying to grow into doing more corporate work like that, whether it be for offices or events. It's something people don't always know that we can do and that we offer." The inauguration was also a learning experience for LoBue and her staff. "Anytime you have an event like that, we always learn something," she said. "We always come back to the shop and take notes of what we could have done differently, even if maybe it's just the way we pack the van or remembering what tools to bring to make sure it goes smoother next time. This one honestly went pretty darn smooth, but if we get the job again in two years, we'll know some other pieces they were thinking about adding or what we can do when setting up to save us some time… If anything, what we learned the most is to have the confidence that we can do jobs like that and to put ourselves out there more to offer the service. Customers don't know what you have until you offer it." As for whether she'd like to decorate for the inauguration in the future, LoBue said, "If they'll have us, we'd love to do it again." Main Street Florist's Trista Boehler hangs garland on the Senate floor in advance of the Jan. 9 inauguration. Photo provided by Sarah LoBue. 576 02:36PM 0 Business, Community, County News, Homepage Slider ...

Nov 28, 2018

Carnival Cruise Line to Kick Off Year-Long Celebration of New California-Based Carnival Panorama With Rose Parade Float | Pasadena California, Hotels,CA Real Estate,Restaurants,City Guide... - Pasaden

United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Colombia. The originator in creating innovative ways to play, Sky Zone provides an unmatched active environment in which people come alive and live joyously in the moment with gravity-defying, wall-to-wall aerial attractions that include Freestyle Jump, Ultimate Dodgeball, Warrior Courses, Warped Walls and more. The franchise has been awarded various accolades, including being ranked the second Fastest Growing Franchise by Inc., the second Smartest Growing Brand by Franchise Times, 53 on Entrepreneur’s 2017 Franchise 500 list, 273 on the 2015 Inc.’s 500/5000 list, 152 on the 2014 Inc.’s 500/5000 list, 55 on the Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies list. For more information on the company or franchising opportunities, please visit

Nov 15, 2018

Dawson County recognizes Veterans Day

Dawson County who served the nation in World War I, being called upon to do their duty," said Brown, before explaining a parable fitting for "every Veteran in this place. "There was a sparrow who was told the sky was falling. He laid down on his back. The horseman of the king came riding by and looked at the sparrow and said, ‘Why are you lying on your back?' He said, ‘The sky is falling and I am going to hold it up.' The horseman laughed and said ‘Do you think you can hold it up?' The sparrow replied ‘We do what we can do,'" said Brown. "And I think the veterans of this place, we do what we can do." Current Veterans Affairs of Dawson County President Tim Costley took a moment to explain the significance of the red poppy, the flower that became the symbol of WWI remembrance due to the 1915 poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae. "Long before the Great War the red poppy had become a symbol of death, renewal in life. The seeds of the flower can remain dormant in the earth for years, but will blossom spectacularly when the soil is churned," said Costley. "Beginning in late 1914 the fields of northern France in Flanders became a scene of stupendous disturbances. Red poppies soon appeared." In the poem, the red poppy flowers have grown in Flanders Field, which was once covered in the blood of lives lost in World War I. Since the poem's publication in 1918, the red poppy has become an international symbol of the lives sacrificed and the hope that none had died in vain. Costley also noted the honor of Dawson County being nationally recognized as a regional site for Veterans Affairs in Georgia. "Each year the Veterans Administr...

Oct 26, 2018

GALLERY: Carnival of Flowers wraps up

Mariom Faint said. "I really haven't seen anything like it - maybe the only thing that is comparable are the Butchart gardens in Canada." "I've always wanted to see the gardens, I just never got a chance to visit before and let me tell you, I'm happy I made it this year," Sally Faint said. The event maintained it's tourism pull, boosting in-town numbers and providing added business for local cafes and food outlets. The 10 day event is expected to have brought in more than $30 million to the local economy. Related Items Show More ...

Sep 10, 2018

Not a rosy affair, but flowers bloom

Kakamega, Vihiga, Busia and Trans Nzoia. Besides Celosia, other varieties of summer flowers that can do well in the region include Mobidique, Ammi, Arabicum, Cubarol, Ryngium, Allium, Claspedia, Mollucella, Scaboisa, Agapanthus, Ornis and lilies, a majority which are used in blending roses.Blue Agapanthus, according to Florence, has been doing well in the European market.Claspedia gets high demand during Mother's Day celebration and is also used when making bouquets. The small headed yellow flower has shelf-life of one month. "We have favourable temperature and humidity in western to help in fast maturity of the flowers. You don't need greenhouses or shade nets to plant them," says Florence.CLIMATE FAVOURS FAST MATURITYSummer flowers grow better in well-drained soils. The seedlings are planted at a spacing of 30cm by 60cm. She advises farmers to use organic manure, which retains moisture and helps in solving the acidity of the soil.One advantage that farmers in the region have is the high temperatures that favour fast-maturity of summer flowers. The flowers mature in three months and are ready for export."We planted the Celosia flowers on May 17 on the demo farms, and they are now flowering in full bloom," she says.She asked farmers to invest in irrigations systems to have continuous supply of water for the flowers."It is essential to have uniform growth of the flower stalks. This calls for enough water supply. The longer the flower stalk, the better the quality." Success of floriculture, according to her, begins with securing the market before planting the flowers on the field."The best approach is finding the buyer first in a system where you sell before you produce. Often the buyer will guide you on the right propagation for the flower depending on the end market," says Florence."Every exporter has his own desired variety that suits the market demand. Usually, the farmer receives seeds, and chemicals on credit. So that by the time they start harvesting, the farmer pays back for the inputs," she adds.Florence says buyers like Wilmar Flowers are already interested in the venture. "Ours is to link farmers with buyers and make sure that they are protected from rogue buyers who exploit them." The...